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Graduation campaign HDK-Valand Fine Arts class of 2023
The title of the graduation exhibition of the 2023 Fine Arts Bachelor at Gothenburg Univeristy's art school HDK Valand was Origo. Origo, meaning intersection, created the visual theme of a crossing running throughout the campaign and the exhibition catalogue. The campaign pattern is also an intersection of images provided by the graduating class. It's an open spine binding so that each graduate's precious spread is possible to open completely flat. The exhibition folder is folded from an A3 paper and inverted with white background so it would look good even if its cheap printing. Also the poster is designed in both a small A3 version and an A1 version made out of 4 A3 designs, to be able to print big size on a budget printer. The colours were inspired by the june blooming lilacs. The green and the purple are also used as a subtle navigating system by means of the page framing; green for individuals; lilac for overview- and general information pages.