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For Karl Otto Bonniers 80th birthday party invitations
Monogram designed for the invitation cards of Karl Otto Bonniers 80th birthday party. The concept of the monogram was inspired by the site of the party, the Bonnier family house Manilla at Djurgården in Stockholm. It built in 1910 by Karl Otto’s older relative who also held the name Karl Otto Bonnier. Hence the house carries the initials KOB on several built in parts of the building. For instance the balcony railing and the radiator covers. The book shelves carry the initials of another relative, Albert Bonnier. The initials KOB harmonized well with the numbers in the 80th anniversary, and a new monogram was created. It was printed at the historical print house Norrbacka Tryckeri in Stockholm. One of the few letter print printing houses left in Sweden. The monogram and the invitation text were printed with two clichés. Together with Karl Otto we decided on the refreshing spring green color on the envelopes, and matched it with a bright classic green on the text. The invitation was printed on an A4-paper (220 g Conqueror laid “Oyster”) folded in towards the middle two times on the short end to create an elegant impression. The monogram was debossed without ink on the first fold and when opening the fold you are met with the green invitation text. More photos will come.