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Redesign of the IPPC Report 2018, Chapter 4.4.5 Strengthening Policy Instruments and Enabling Climate Finance
The IPCC report is an over 500 pages long report on our climate change. This is a break out of one of the chapters. The redesign aims to shed a visual light on urgent information disguised in the dull text of the report. Chapter 4.4.5 deals with the economic aspects of the crisis and a vast amount of numbers on money are thrown around like gloves. I extracted alarming sentences from the text and accomanied them with photographs i took in the business quarters of Amsterdam Zuid. The photographs depict the speed of the culture where these numbers reside. As part of a collection of chapters it was restricted to the format of an American Letter (21x27,94cm). Hence the binding allows to fold in to the discret format, yet also unfolds to intrusive and annoying size, similiar to the topic itself. The colours are based on business aesthetics and the pink and red colour drawn off of financial newspapers. The graphic illustrations comes from revolving doors and other characteristic elements in the business quarters.